Key documents in a mortgage in Palafrugell

Key documents in a mortgage in Palafrugell

Mortgages are procedures that must be taken with the seriousness that they require, after all, when you apply for one, you will be placing a very important asset for you as collateral.
That is why before applying for a mortgage it is necessary that you fully understand everything regarding this procedure, starting with the key documents in a mortgage that the bank will request from you.

Documents requested to process a mortgage

To finalize the application for a mortgage you need to present 10 key documents that you must take to the bank, these are:

1. NIF or tax identification number of the person requesting the mortgage.
2. Deposit contract, this is nothing more than the contract that you will sign with the seller of the property to guarantee its reservation.
3. Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain or CIRBE, it will also be required, in this database you will find the data information on the loans, guarantees, credits, that the financial entities assume with each client.

2. Last year’s income statement, this serves as a reference for your financial statement.

3. Deeds of any other property you may have.

4. Simple note of the company registry, to facilitate the verification of the data by the bank.

5. Receipt of the last two payslips, so that the bank can know in detail your last income.

6. Lease contract in case you live in rent and the last receipts of rent payment.

7. Updated work life report, in which your career is detailed both from a professional and financial point of view.

8. Recent bank statements, which will allow you to give more details of your current financial status.

Taking into account these 10 documents, you can organize yourself in advance to have more possibilities of obtaining the results you want when processing a mortgage.

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