Rent apartments and enjoy the gastronomy of the Baix Empordà

Baix Empordà or Lower Ampurdán, is a charming tourist destination in Spain. Entertainment and relaxation guarantee a perfect space for all types of tourists.

But, it is important to know that in some seasons renting apartments is easier and cheaper, while in others it is more expensive.

Apartments for rent in Baix Emporda

Something that captivates tourists or Spanish citizens who vacation in Baix Empordà is the fact that the apartments or any other type of rental, such as rooms, rural houses and more, have all the services for the greatest enjoyment of the vacation.

Access to swimming pool areas, television, WiFi and even restaurants through which it is possible to enjoy the best gastronomy of the Baix Empordà.

Enjoy Gastronomy in Baix Empordà

Fish is the star ingredient of Empordà gastronomy, shellfish such as shrimp, oily fish, local vegetables and fruits, meat and poultry, the gastronomy of the region is one of the most exquisite.

Some of the most exquisite dishes that can be tasted are fish “suquets”, stuffed apples, chicken with langoustines, among others.

In the town there are a variety of restaurants that have Michelin stars, likewise various gastronomic campaigns are held and the best of all is that regardless of where the dishes are tasted, they will always be accompanied by a glass of DO Empordà wine.

In which season are the most expensive and cheapest to rent in Baix Empordà?

August is the most expensive month to vacation in Baix Empordà, with prices ranging from 220 to 300 euros, as it is the high season, while the cheapest months are January and March, where rentals are around 150-200 euros per month. evening.

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