Sell my house in Palafrugell with Finques Jordi Tané

Selling a house or any other type of property can be a complex task. There are many legal procedures that must be done and extensive time that must be invested, in short, there are many things that the owner must take care of.

That is why if plans arise to sell a house in Palafrugell with Finques Jordi Tané, hiring the services of a real estate agency can be of great help.

How to make a successful sale of a home?

There is a lot to do and a lot to think about, but to simplify the process a bit, here are some key things to consider when selling a property.

1.-Perform the valuation of the property

Whether you hire the services of a professional or use a property valuation tool available on the web, before putting a house up for sale you should always be sure of the asking price and asking price of the property. same.

2.-Reach more potential buyers

Putting the house up for sale is just the beginning, the marketing that must be done to make the house known is essential, in this a real estate agency can be of great help because they have access to clients and various means so that more people find out about the property .

3.-Manage the energy efficiency certificate

This document is mandatory when any property is put up for sale so it cannot be left out.

4.-Better photographs, greater interest

This is related to capturing the attention of customers. The best photographs of the property must be taken so that people really feel attracted to it, want to know it and better yet, buy it.

5.-Formalize the contract

When you do not have knowledge of the laws that govern the real estate market, then it is necessary to hire a real estate agent.

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