Buy a holiday home in Begur

Begur is a magical place where you can vacation and have the best experience, beaches and coves, a beautiful historic center, trails and paths. Begur has everything so that when you vacation there you can live the best.

Surely if you have visited Begur, you will not want to return home, imagine having a second home there that you can visit whenever you want, not only on vacation, would it be perfect, right?

The Costa Brava, the best location for a second home

The Costa Brava offers a variety of dream environments, among all its towns, one of those that has become the most sought after for vacations and even better, for obtaining a second residence, is Begur.

Located in the heart of Empordà, without a doubt Begur is the perfect place to obtain your holiday home, everyone will love it. And you can even take advantage of it by renting it in certain seasons when you are not using it.

Why buy a holiday home in Begur?

Begur has a lot to offer you, some of the reasons why this is definitely the place to buy a holiday home are:

  • In Begur you can enjoy the most perfect blue sky and the most beautiful beaches and coves.
  • Walking through the historic center of Begur is something magical, visiting the Casa de Indias, among many other activities, makes this place special.
  • If you are one of those who enjoys hiking and walking along coastal paths, here you will find the best ones.
  • The gastronomy in Begur is simply exquisite, fish, rice, suquet, among other culinary varieties that you will end up loving.
  • Begur has a strategic location, it is close to Perpignan, GI, BCN.

Buying a holiday home in Begur will bring happiness to your life, so don’t think about it, make up your mind once and for all, at Jordi Tané we help you find the best home.

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