Buy apartment in Begur

Begur is located in the Baix Empordà and is cataloged as the greatest treasure of the Costa Brava. Just 50 minutes from Girona is this town that has much to offer both locals and tourists who choose this place as their vacation destination.

Those who want a second residence where they can spend any vacation season, always look for places that have charm, fun and many places to visit. Begur meets all these characteristics, which is why it is a good alternative to buy an apartment as a second home.

Why buy an apartment in Begur?

The reasons are plenty. It can be said that Begur is a magical, colorful place, a place of dreams, but in more detail, the best reasons to buy an apartment on the Costa Brava, specifically in Begur, are the following:

  • Beautiful beaches and relaxing coves, who doesn’t enjoy a beach swim? And what better way to do it than on the best beaches and coves in Spain that are located precisely in Begur. If you have an apartment in this town, the next time you want to enjoy the beaches, you won’t have to do many preparations, because you have a place to get to.
  • Its winding streets, interesting places to visit in the old town, its strong link with Cuban culture, also make this site the perfect place to vacation or live permanently.
  • The most varied and exquisite gastronomy. If the above reasons are not enough to buy an apartment in Begur, then the possibility of tasting exquisite dishes with really fresh ingredients from the sea should have a greater weight in decision-making.

Buying an apartment in Begur is a wise decision and what better way to do it than hiring the services of the Jordi Tane real estate agency.

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