Commercial premises, is it better to buy or rent it?

If you are thinking of starting a business, of opening a business, you will need a good commercial premises. It is normal that when you make this decision, you ask yourself which is the best alternative, whether to buy or rent the commercial space for your business.

Before we discuss the pros and cons of each option, we want you to be clear that regardless of the decision you make, at Jordi Tané we will help you find the perfect place for your business.

Advantages of renting a commercial space

In case you are considering renting, you should know some of the benefits it offers you:

  • You will not have to make a very high outlay, compared to what you will make when buying.
  • You will not have to worry about paying for maintenance, in most cases, the landlord will be in charge.
  • If you stop liking the location of the business, all you have to do is find another business space to rent.

On the negative side, you will have to invest a certain amount of money in each rental, which will reduce your profits.

Benefits of buying a commercial premises

If you consider that the purchase is the best option, these are some of the benefits:

  • Being your own premises, your company or business will increase its amount of assets.
  • You can use the premises as collateral, in case you need a loan.
  • You will be making an investment.
  • You will not be tied to a contract, so you will have a more stable location.
  • If you stop using the premises in your business, you can rent it.

The main aspect that works against you is the amount of the disbursement that you will have to make when buying.

Have you already made up your mind? So let’s get into action. At Jordi Tané we help you find the perfect business premises, so you can buy or rent it, as you prefer.

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