Investing in an urban plot, is it profitable?

Buying urban land can become a good investment, as long as you make sure you have the advice of our experts at Jordi Tané, the best real estate company in Palafrugell.

The importance of us helping you in the process is that we can guide you as to whether the plot meets the conditions to be buildable. We tell you some details.

Find out at the town hall

Once you have found the urban plot that you think is the most suitable, you should go to the town hall to find out the legal conditions of it and make sure, of course, that it is building land.

Only land that has been classified as urban land has the necessary conditions to be buildable.

Know the characteristics of the land

In addition to informing you about whether or not the land is buildable, it is also important that you know characteristics such as:

  • Orientation: A house facing south will have the particularity that it will be warmer; those facing west have more daylight hours in the afternoon, while those facing east have more daylight hours in the morning.
  • Geology: Knowing details about the type of soil is also important, since this can condition the building, for example, those that are harder are safe, while the soft ones will bring many problems.
  • Slope: If the urban lot is flat, the construction process will be easier.
  • Supplies, connections: Although, once you know that it has been classified as urban land, you have the guarantee that it has the necessary services, it would not be superfluous to know about the quality of the water that arrives and other details.

Remember, at Jordi Tané we help you to understand if the purchase of the land you are about to acquire is really profitable, contact us.

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