Why is cohousing a trend?

The cohousing model adapts to the current mentality of older adults, who used to be sedentary and isolated. Now, they are vital people who want to be in comfortable places and enjoy good company, in spaces to enjoy their hobbies. They also need protection and care for their health.

Their quality of life improves with the enjoyment of healthy outdoor activities, where they share with people and receive the best visits from their families, as the vast majority of this group wants to remain independent and autonomous.

Contemporary adults need time for themselves and also to decide about their present and future. However, they want to be accompanied and enjoy fun days out with activities that suit their interests and initiatives.

The spaces that become a reality with cohousing are designed so that the members of these communities are part of a new style, where they participate as users of their resources and have a new experience of collaborative living, which keeps them active and happier, with more friendships and new reasons to live.

The dream holiday for the elderly or those over 65 years old, they have a home with all the comfort, freedom and privacy they need and deserve. In addition, they have common areas to share.

The services of the cohousing model communities include a dining room with chefs, sports activities, 24-hour medical care, cleaning and more. They are ideal for seniors to stay healthy and happy.

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