What is capital gain?

If you know what the plusvalia is, if you have done real estate negotiations you probably know that it is a tax that is paid at the town hall when a property is sold or donated.

When a plusvalia is paid on a sale, the seller pays the amount stipulated by the municipality. Whereas when a person receives a property as a donation, he is responsible for paying the amount calculated as his capital gain.

It is a tax that has generated controversy and a lot of information in the news, since the economic reality has decreased the profits obtained from the sale of houses and many times those who receive a property as a donation, receive a problem with very high expenses and taxes. In the past, selling a property was a solution to recover economically, today it can be a reason for losses, they can be sold below the purchase price.

In addition, the amount of the tax calculated by the Town Hall, which varies in each Community, must be paid. It is a tax that is paid for the right to the property that is calculated by multiplying the price of the land, by the years since the transition of the property has taken place, with a variable percentage.

The capital gains tax is usually paid within 30 days, unless there is a judicial division of the inheritance of the property and a notification must be made to stop the payment. Similarly, there are exceptions to the payment of the aforementioned tax, when the transfer of the property is carried out directly between spouses.

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